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by Tim Hagner,
Club President

Spring keeps playing hide and seek with us but we know it’s out there. Because it’s out there, our first Arrive and Drive of 2013 is upon us. I’ve laid out the route and the directions are printed. Sue has promised to make some “snacks” for us. I think we’re ready to go. Are you ready to go?

Arrive with a full tank of your favorite premium gas as most A & D’s go between 2 – 3 hours. The route is always unknown until you arrive and then we drive. It’s hard to find new “Porsche” roads when constrained to the three-hour time limit. We do have our favorite roads and I’m sure you’ll get to drive them at least once in the driving season. At the start we will break into several groups, depending on number of cars in attendance. 10 – 12 cars in a group seems to work best. We really don’t want to be parade and a hindrance to traffic flow. Each group has it’s own leader that knows the route. Headlights on and the following car in your rearview mirror will keep us all going the correct way. See you there!

“Porsches were meant to be driven” is my mantra. If it’s yours also, come do a “track” day with us. Track days are the best chance you have to drive the Porsche and not worry about jail time! These events are for stock Porsches all the way to the full race Porsches. We are put on the track in appropriate groups based on speed and skill. No wheel to wheel racing and limited passing in controlled locations make it a stress free way to drive. Instruction is usually available and we have several very good instructors in our club that are willing to instruct you.

Our first track day is May 9th put on by Carrera Motors at Portland International Raceway (PIR). There are over six cars from our region going. Come join the fun; there are a couple of spots left. High Desert is not large enough, both size and checkbook, to rent a facility on our own so we join other clubs through out the year. Bren Hirschberg (bhirschberg@bendcable.com) is our organizer for all things “track” and he’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Though I do drive the Porsche, I wash it too. So I’m taking the plunge into the “concours” at our Show and Shine this June. Look for info coming from David Vadman about this.

I’ve rambled enough for now. I’m going to wax the Cayman; you can never start those preparations too early!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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