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Tim Hagner
Snow flurries flittering about and yet we drive on!  With one more Arrive & Drive added to our calendar on November the 2nd.  I’m sure you have seen the email about this.  I hope you enjoy the drive!
Our group of stalwart track “rats” got their drive on with one last track day at PIR on November the 25th.  We had 8 from the High Desert driving on.  Way to go guys and gal, sorry I missed it.
Besides fall in the air, there’s car buying in the air. It seems there are Porsches being bought and sold in our club. Sales between members and from out of region, Porsches being shipped cross-country or cross-town and smiling faces all around.  Some deals are consummated, some are pending and some are still shopping.  I was asked if members are supposed to inform their fellow club members when they are selling a Porsche.  There is no “rule” that I know of, it seems the Porsche underground of car sales is in full force here in the High Desert!  It’s a small community and word travels fast.  Yes, I’m happy to report that I’m part of the frenzy. 
Please make sure your email address is correct in the PCA database.  You can go online to PCA.org and login to update your membership information.  This is important because we will be sending out important club news and I don’t want you to miss it!  I use the email addresses in the PCA database to send from and if it’s not current you’ll miss out, not good.
There is an email and article coming from our events chair, Jim Lewis, with details and info on how to be involved with next year’s events.
Exciting news: we are now finalizing the “how to” see archived and current club photos.  Roger Sanders has been working hard to arrange them, sort them and organize them by event and date so we can see them.  Please continue to take photos at club events and pass them to Roger, they’ll now see the light of day.
The Holiday Dinner flyer is on our web page and we’ll be sending it out soon, also.  This is the “high point” of our year and we don’t want you miss it because of a bad email address.  Or any reason for that matter.
This is my 33th Rambling, time flies when you’re having fun, are you?  I certainly hope so.  Don’t forget, “...It’s the people.”
Auf Wiedersehen!


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