Fall Adopt a Road Project

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Highway 20 Roadside clean-up Gathering of the team

Highway 20 Roadside clean-up Gathering of the team

On this cool and cloudy Saturday morning, a dedicated and hearty group of about twenty members completed our semi annual ODOT cleanup commitment.  Fueled by both coffee and donuts, our group picked up many bags of assorted road debris.

Knowing that "trash" prizes were to be awarded, at the conclusion of our cleanup, everyone worked hard to fill their bright yellow ODOT bags.  The prize awarded for "most unusual" trash was won by Jeanine and Fred Faria.  A second prize, for "most overall collected" was won by Carolyn and Sam Davis.  A special "thank you" to Kathi and Scott Loring for donating the bottles of wine used for these "trash" prizes.  Our club president, Pete Olson, awarded a "grand prize" for the club member that found the designated dollar bill that he had "planted" along our route.  Congratulations to Paul Valerga for winning the useful pocket hose donated by Pete.

Our gracious clean-up Hosts John Eleanor Donohue

Our gracious clean-up Hosts John Eleanor Donohue

Once again, it was a pleasure to be joined by TJ Tomjack roadside.  TJ was instrumental in starting this cleanup program.  We all got a kick out of his customized "Trash King" vest.  Once again, it was great to have TJ join our group.

The next time that you are on Hwy 20, about ten miles south of Sisters, look out for our HDR signs posted in either direction, that document our club obligation to the community and it's desire to keep our Central Oregon highways green and clean.

We look forward to having you join our group for the next cleanup Saturday in the Spring of 2016.  It is a fun, social and stress free time when we do something helpful for our beautiful community.

With thanks and appreciation,

John and Eleanor Donohue

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