AutoX (Autocross)


This is a great way to learn about handling and have fun for very little commitment. There are no instructors, but plenty of helpful and friendly veterans around to offer advice. We are fortunate to have a local, non-denominational, club – Autocross Club of Central Oregon- that puts on a monthly autocross in the season. They have a very complete website –www.autoXclub.org- that has all the information you need about car preparation, Do’s and Don’ts, Novice procedures, etc.

Time Commitment:

Full or half day on Saturday, local or you can go to Portland and participate in a well-attended Porsche Cub full day session once a month. Check out the ORPCA website for schedules.



Car Preparation

Minimal to dedicated– Most clubs follow SCCA Solo II rules, so you can look on the SCCA web site as well for requirements. You will need to increase your tire pressure, or if you get serious, invest in some sticky tires. Remove loose gear and make sure the battery is well secured. They do require an on-site tech inspection prior to running.

Personal Preparation (See Track Resources)

You will need a helmet, otherwise normal driving attire. The most “challenging” part of autocross is the very short run times which make it hard to get a lot of seat time.

Sponsors and Schedules (See Track Resources)

ACCO –local, check their website for schedules (they are currently looking for a new place to hold their events)

OR PCA- most run at PIR, some at Packwood, WA - check the website

PNWR PCA – all run at Bremerton Motor Sports Park, check the Web for rules and schedules

Others- many other clubs enjoy autocross –SCCA, BMW, Corvette, etc. and are usually happy to have others run if space is available.

Upcoming AutoCross Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.