Drivers' Skill Clinics


These clinics teach the fundamentals of performance driving in a fun non-competitive setting. These full-day courses will give instruction in all the basic skills needed to improve your driving to the next level. These sessions usually have 5 different skill areas; figure 8, autocross, slalom, skid pad, and avoidance breaking. You receive personal instruction from experienced driving instructors, a self-guided instruction manual, and lots of practice time. You can go-at –your-own-pace in a controlled environment. These are OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF DRIVERS, from the new Porsche owner to the experienced track or autocross driver.

Some Clubs put on special sessions for women, teenagers, or other groups desiring individual coaching.

Time Commitment:

One full day, not including travel time.



Car Preparation

Minimal – You should “track strip” your car of all loose items that might shift around in the interior and all trunk spaces, otherwise street cars are fine. Tire pressures and lug nuts need attention. Tire tread depth and condition is enforced. Normal seats and restraining belts are all you need, but if you have upgraded (and you now need 5-pt not 4-pt restraints), both front seats need the same level of belts. Make sure your brakes are in good condition, set your mirrors to eliminate blind spots, some drivers like to remove the windshield wipers (on a clear day) to avoid inadvertent activation. Usually no alteration to your normal car insurance, but you might want to check with your carrier. There is track insurance available from independent providers.

Personal Preparation (See Track Resources)

Equipment – everyone at every event needs a helmet, Snell SA 2010 or later. Many of these events have some helmet rental (about $30) but availability may be limited. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive, long sleeved COTTON shirts (no nylon or Lycra), and pants –no shorts. Sox and shoes comfortable for driving that don’t catch on the pedals. Many drivers like to wear driving gloves, but they are not required.

Physical preparation

Be smart about alcohol intake the night before, hydration depending on the weather, personal medication, glasses that you need for driving.  Advanced driving can be physically and emotionally demanding, so be in your best shape! Mental preparation is always required. Arrive alert and rested. Review the student guide ahead of the clinic. Know the track layout (you can get it on-line).  Be receptive and agreeable to the instructor- have an open mind, and have fun!

Schedules and Sponsors

This is the big “downside”- the only club sponsoring these is the PNW Region in Seattle. So you will need to go to Bremerton for the PNWR region events, which turns it into a three-day commitment. They do have several to choose from and a dedicated “Ladies Day”. See the attached schedules. HDR has put on a Skills Clinic in the past, and may again if there is enough interest.

To attend a PNWR Driver Skills course, you must register via MotorsportReg.