1st Track Day of the Season

1st Track Day of the Season

Greetings Track Rats!
 A new track day opportunity has been added to the HDR Schedule.



This is an all-day HPDE with instructors, put on by ACCO.

There will be 4 run groups with one Rookie and one Novice group, so a good chance for Novices to have Ground School, Instructors, and lots of "seat time".

-Gas is available (credit cards ok) at the track

-Lunch is available for $10, or bring your own.

-The price is only $130!!! A GREAT deal.


We will organize a drive up and an area to "pit" together. Read the Driver Events write up on the HDR website (Pitstop/track/skill orientation/HPDE) for preparation info.

SORRY, THIS EVENT WILL NOT ALLOW OPEN CARS WITHOUT FIXED ROLL BARS.  Removable hardtops don't count. So that eliminates most Boxsters and Cabrios, even with the factory pop-up roll-over protection.

Here is the (Convertible-Roll-Over-Protection-Policy <-link) on that issue. Not to worry, if you are in that group of cars, our next two DE's are OK with your car. 

Here is the ACCO (Entry_Tech_orp ACCO <-link) tech sheet - insure that you are in compliance.

If you need "track day insurance" for your vehicle (be sure and check with your company) you can find it on the PCA national website - on the Home page/Driver Ed/ insurance.

Here is a link to some documents which may be helpful. Track Documents

If you have questions, drop me a line.


"Screw your courage to the sticking place.....its track time!"

February 17, 2015

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