2016 All Member Planning Session

2016 All Member Planning Session

Pete Cropped

Pete Olson – High Desert Region President





Mark your calendars to attend the HDRPCA Annual Meeting and 2016 Planning Session on Saturday, November 7th at 9am!

Coffee and donuts will be served at Club Carrera and I heartily encourage and request your valued attendance.  We will present an overview of our club’s accomplishments, annual progress, and review our governance structure and current financial condition. Also, as required by our By-Laws, we will present a slate of Officers and Board Members for your consideration and vote.  (This ballot will also be on the web for your submission prior to December 1st)

Next on the agenda we will hear from the Events Chair, Scott Loring.  He will be handing out a prospective calendar for 2016 and will be soliciting your thoughts as to just what types of events are of interest to you.  The brainstorming should be fun!  Scott will also be asking if there are those who are willing to lead or assist an Arrive and Drive, Tour, Road Clean-up or other HDR functions or outings.  He is in the process of completing detailed guidelines for every event to assist those who may be reluctant to take on an excursion.  You might be surprised at how much fun the planning and implementation can provide!  Done in teams the process is not too burdensome and is very collegial.

Remember:  Club Carrera at 9am on Saturday, November 7th.  See you there!

Thanks!  Pete

September 11, 2015

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