Join the Porsche Posse with Karon and Rob Kutz for a Sunday afternoon drive to Christmas Valley, Fort Rock State Park and dinner at the deservedly-famous "Cowboy Dinner Tree" restaurant on June 23, 2019.

Join the  Porsche Posse with Karon and Rob Kutz for the 3d annual Sunday afternoon drive to Christmas Valley,  Fort Rock State Park, and dinner at the deservedly-famous Cowboy Dinner Tree restaurant on June 23, 2019.
Located in Silver Lake,  Southeast of La Pine on Or. 31 about 90 miles from Bend,  the Cowboy Dinner Tree is not actually in the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from there...even so, the dinner and high desert scenery are worth the drive.  Best known for the 24-ounce steak or whole roast chicken served to each guest (no sharing allowed, but totin’-home expected),  the CDT also features homemade soup and biscuits, plus dessert for those who can make room for it.  No alcohol is allowed on the premises, but tea and coffee are included.  Check their website, or ask a fellow club member who’s been there—it’s a one-of-a-kind local experience, regardless of the size of your appetite.
Either dinner entrée (there are only those two; no vegetarian meals) is $39 including tip, and well worth it.  Caution:  CBT accepts only cash money, though silver dollars and gold eagles aren’t absolutely necessary.  They don’t accept checks or credit/debit cards of any variety. To get around that problem for a large group, Karon and Rob have been paying the bill personally, with members reimbursing them in advance instead of individually paying CDT, Motorsport, HDR or anybody else.   So please send your check totaling $39 per person to Karon & Rob Kutz. Address will be provided when you RSVP.  The roads are now paved all the way to the parking lot, though it is dusty in the lot itself.  Contact Karon at 218-839-1346, Rob at 541-639-6301, or by email to to reserve a space and your menu choice by June 16, 2019, but he sooner, the better--this event fills up fast, and we must let Jamie and Angel know in advance so they know how much grub to rustle up.  Volunteer leaders/sweepers will be appreciated.
Reservations have been made for up to 30 club members and guests,  with dinner commencing at 4:00 PM.  Please arrive at the parking lot around 1:00 PM for registration.  We’ll be leaving from the South Route 97 Albertson's parking lot  at 1;30 PM, to allow time for a visit to Fort Rock State Park on the way, also just off Or. 31 about 70 miles from Bend.  The park is a unique geologic and historical monument, rising spectacularly from the ancient seabed--indoor restrooms too.  Again, check the park website or talk to someone who’s been there.
                                           Don't Forget to Bring a Cooler - You'll be bringing leftovers home!

June 6, 2017

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