Hooked on Driving DE Day at ORP

Hooked on Driving DE Day at ORP

Our next HDR High Performance Driving Education Day is approaching FAST! 
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Sunday, August 16th at Oregon Raceway Park, in Grass Valley.  Hosted by Hooked On Driving so you know it will be well run. Check it out on the HOD website. Be sure to check your insurance coverage, resources are available on our HDR website, or the HOD and Motorsports Reg websites. Our Website gives additional good information for novices and everyone who has not been to an HPDE in a while.

Oregon Raceway Park Video

This will be a fun day with lots of track time, excellent instructors, and groups organized by experience level. Lunch is included. $315. Sign up through to secure your spot. We will monitor the registration and organize a group to drive up.


Since Hooked on Driving is providing the Track Insurance all open cars are permitted. Bring your Boxsters and Cabrios out!!

“Screw your courage to the sticking place, it’s Track Time!”

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November 26, 2014

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