Rhodes & Bridges Tour

Rhodes & Bridges Tour

Tired of winter?  Bored with all the greens and browns?  Ready for some color?  We are tentatively planning a tour that will take us into “real” spring.  The framework of the tour will allow participation for those who can only do a single day and those who want to do an overnight tour.
The Rhodes and Bridges Tour will leave Bend at 8am on May 20 and head West to Eugene with the destination being Hendricks Park, with its Rhododendron and native plant collections.  After a leisurely box lunch at the park and time to enjoy the paths and colors, we will travel West from Eugene to the LaVelle Vineyards for a tour and tasting.  Following the tasting those who will return directly to Central Oregon will depart for home.  The rest of the group will return to the Valley River Inn in Eugene to check in for the evening.

Those staying overnight can relax around the VRI, shop at the Valley River Mall next to the hotel, take a short walk to view the roses at Owen Rose Garden, or ???  We will regroup for dinner at 6pm in a special room overlooking the river.  The house wines at the VRI are from LaVelle so you can continue your tasting at dinner.

After breakfast on Sunday we will travel North to Sweet Home, Oregon, to visit several of the covered bridges in the area, before returning to Central Oregon via the South Santiam and Highway 20.

Leaders: Jerry & Gretchen Kolb

Interested?  Please email Jerry at 

April 26, 2017

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