Zone 6 Grand Tour – Local Tours

Zone 6 Grand Tour – Local Tours

1. Join the Welcome Wagon full-day drive - August 6th

This drive leaves Thursday Aug 6th from the Best Buy Parking lot at 0900 sharp (be there at 8:30-8:45) and goes straight out the US 26 to John Day. We will arrive there about noon and set up to welcome the arriving tour group (20-25 cars) for the lunch “hand-off” from Silver Sage Region. Following lunch and a brief drivers meeting we will drive back to bend with the group, take in the Crooked River Canyon, and end at the designated hotels on the East side of Bend. We should be home by 5.

2. Join the Adios Amigos full-day drive - August 7th

This drive leaves Friday August 7th from Club Carrera at 0900 sharp (be there at 0800 if you want to enjoy a catered breakfast, sponsored by Kendall Porsche of Bend. Drivers meeting at 8:45, then out the Cascade Lakes Hwy to a rest stop at Cultus Lake. On to Oakridge where we meet for the “hand-off” to Cascade Region at Ray’s Sentry Market. Then you may return back to Bend, or continue with the group on the Aufterheide highway (a TERRIFIC drive)on to the Totakee Golf Course for lunch with the group (approx. 30 cars and 50 people) for $14 apiece, then leave the group and head back to Bend. We should be home by 5.

Join the fun and be a part of a unique and historic Tour of the largest Zone in PCA!!

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July 29, 2015

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