Tech Session – Porsche SUVs – Matrix Integrated

On a sunny and crisp February 12th morning, about 25 Porsche SUV enthusiasts – and potential ones – gathered at Matrix Integrated to learn about Porsche SUV’s.  The bulk of the conversation, led by owner Jeremy Williams and supported by Christian Close and Porsche mechanic Blake Veins, was primarily focused on The Cayenne; there were four different versions from the model’s various iterations there for inspection, including Jeremy’s personal 92A Turbo.  A Macan was also in attendance.

Most of the discussion and questions revolved around the differences between versions, common problem areas of each and problem areas across all of the SUV’s. It was also emphasized that the cars are generally reliable, over-engineered, extremely capable off-pavement (Cayenne) and a blast to drive (both, but esp. the Macan).

Near the end, Jeremy had a few trivia questions for the crowd, most of them drawing blank stares and shaking heads. A sample:

  • What was the Porsche code name for the Cayenne when it was under development? (A. Colorado)
  • What was the code name for the Macan? (A. Cajun, a blend of Cayenne and Junior)
  • What does Macan mean, and in what language? (A. Tiger, in Javanese)

Thanks to Jeremy and his team for an enjoyable and informative morning!