High Performance Driver Education (“HPDE” or “DE”)



These events are NOT racing, preparation for racing, or competition events. However, they are held on race tracks and many cars that show up have numbers on the doors. They involve higher speeds and require a higher skill level. These programs allow any novice to get started and gain the skill and qualification to participate in more advanced events. Most programs require a “ground school” specific to their program. Some of the schedules are easy for out-of-area drivers, some make it difficult by splitting up the ground school and driving time. Drivers learn from qualified instructors advanced car control and safe driving techniques. Novice drivers may not be allowed “solo” track time until an additional clinic is attended. Participants are grouped by experience level, so it is easy and comfortable for any-level driver to have a great day.


Time commitment


Full Day, may involve additional time for ground school

Cost: $200-320 (may include meals)

Car Preparation

Minimal to dedicated.  You can participate with your stock Porsche or a full-on race car, and everything in between. “Tech” or Annual Inspections are required and have proof of it to show at registration. Our 3 local Porsche shops can do the annual tech and give you good advice (about $100). There is also an inspection at the track to ensure compliance (free). Check web sites or call the event chairman for details to avoid last minute surprises (like needing a number on the car, or roll-bar issues). You will need to “track strip” your car – empty the trunk, remove carpeting under the pedals, remove all loose objects from the cockpit- you can do this at the track.

Personal Preparation (see track resources)



Everyone at every event needs a helmet, Snell SA 2010 or later. Many of these events have some helmet rental (about $30) but availability may be limited. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive, long sleeved COTTON shirts (no nylon or Lycra), and pants –no shorts. Sox and shoes comfortable for driving that don’t catch on the pedals. Many drivers like to wear driving gloves, but they are not required.

Physical preparation

Be smart about alcohol intake the night before, hydration depending on the weather, personal medication, glasses that you need for driving.  Advanced driving can be physically and emotionally demanding, so be in your best shape! Mental preparation is always required. Plan for the expected weather and dress and bring fluids appropriately. Arrive alert and rested. Review the student guide ahead of the clinic. Know the track layout (you can get it on-line).  Be receptive and agreeable to the instructor- have an open mind, and have fun!


Schedules and Sponsors



Porsche of Bend

ORPCA  (NASA, Alfa, Lotus, etc.)

Oregon Raceway Park

Portland International Raceway 

Ridge Motorsports

Hooked On Driving 




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Events Schedule

Events Schedule

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Events Schedule