Solo & Club Racing Events

Solo Events

By the time you get to this level, you don’t need Bren's advice anymore. These are Lapping Days, Time Trials, Solo I, Hill Climbs, Hill Cross, and other non-instructor, non-novice events. They may be competitive, or just-for-fun.  The cars are usually prepared and/or dedicated. Driver qualifications are always required and some require specific licensing.

See attached Schedules for nearby events – even if you don’t drive, going with a fellow HDR driver is a great way to get involved and see what it’s all about!

Club Racing

At this level, all drivers have met qualifications and participation requirements. They are licensed racers or working toward getting their competition license. The cars are prepared and the racing is wheel to wheel. If you are interested, get with one of our local drivers and go along as a “pit crew” to see what it's all about!