Porsches on the High Desert – June 2015

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Nearly 50 members met Friday at Club Carrera for the event’s reception and dinner.  Beer, wine, and an excellent lasagna meal from Tate and Tate got everyone off to a good start for the car show the following day.  We had some attendees from the Portland Region so our reach is growing.

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Saturday started sunny and bright.  With the additional same-day entries that showed up, we had 41 sparkling Porsches on the lawn of the Deschutes Historical Museum for a day of judging!  Our signage, along with the nearby Downtown Street Market prompted around 100 members of the public to visit and “ooh and aah” over the cars.  These visitors were great to have as the public voted for the People’s Choice Award and they took their charge seriously!

Our experienced and hardworking judges, under the direction of “Chief Justice”, David Vadman, had their work cut out for them as they assessed both the exteriors and interiors of each shining example in the five classes.  With a limit of 5 minutes per vehicle we were fortunate to have several competent judging teams performing their work swiftly, impartially, and diligently.

A delicious lunch was provided and consumed while the ladies at the scorer’s table calculated 80 some pages of judge’s numbers!  They worked without a break for several hours and a big thank you to Maureen, Shannon, and Kathi.  Their efforts produced the results that everyone was eagerly awaiting. David Vadman and Pete Olson whistled for the contestants’ attention and the results were announced! (See Winner’s Table below)

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Then, it was off to the races…so to speak!  Twenty competitive souls hurtled up the mountain to the Mt. Bachelor parking lot for a kick-in-the-pants “Funkhana”!  What a blast!   Each car entry had a driver and co-pilot and they worked as a team to navigate the course traveling from station to station while being timed for quickness.  These stations required skill and precise driving as the tasks were challenging.  For example, at the first station one had to nudge a traffic cone a certain distance without knocking it over while keeping within the lines on the board. From there you had to back into an area that had a balloon that needed popping, but only by the right rear tire.  Then it was through a slalom course that required the driver to pluck a tennis ball from a pylon, pass it to his partner who would then place it on another pylon and so on.  Following that were parallel parking and paint gun shots, water in pie tins passing through the car and even the assemblage of old Porsche parts!  Well you get the idea.  What a hoot!  And we have the pictures to prove it (See photos)

All in all it was marvelous and rewarding two days.  Hearty thanks to the participants in all the events and especially to the members and car show volunteers for the planning, execution, and success!

By the way, the Museum was the recipient of $410 for the use of their facility.  They were gracious and helpful on the day of the event and we can feel good about supporting this worthwhile Bend landmark.  They currently have a travelling John Fremont exhibit display.  Make sure to stop by and enjoy what we have right here in our own back yard!

Award Winners – Porsches on the High Desert Car Show

The event offered five (5) Best in Class awards, five Runner Up ribbons, one (1) unique offering for a "Work in Progress" entry, and one (1) People's Choice ballot Award

Winning Entries Follow:

Class: Pre 1965:  Runner Up = 1957 356 Speedster, Bruce and Joyce Giampaoli                                     = Best = 1963 356B Coupe, Bill and Mary Zilk

Class: 1965-1989 911: Runner Up = 1986 Wide Body Cabriolet, Mike Simmons                                    Best = 1970 914-6, Bren and Shannon Hirschberg

Class: 1990 - 1998 911: Runner Up = 1995 993 C-2, Ed Hughes                                                                     Best = 1996 993 C-4, Todd McNabb                                                                                                          
(Tualatin, Oregon - Portland Region)

Class: 1999 - current 911: Runner Up = 2001 C-4 Cabriolet,  Scott and Kathi Loring                                 Best = 2005 996 C-4, Steve Rogers

Class: Boxster/Cayman: Runner Up = 2006 Cayman S, Bob Townes                                                             Best = 2014 Boxster S, Scott and Kathi Loring

Work in Progress Award: 1960 356A Cabriolet, Tom Welsh

Peoples’ Choice ballot winner: 1957 356 Speedster, Bruce and Joyce Giampaoli

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