Drive & Dine

Drive & Dine

Drive and Dine, a social event where a dining venue is arranged and members drive to arrive at the Restaurant by 6 PM on the 4th Tuesday of the month. No prearranged seating, order from the menu and individual checks are to be the norm.  Seating may be set up by the Restaurant as they prefer (large table(s), separate room, or at individual tables or booths).  The size of the venue is likely to determine the number of seats we will have available.  The Restaurant will remain open to the public while we are there.  This is not expected to be a private Porsche club event for the restaurant.  
Therefore the venue will be selected, the maximum number of participants will be determined and then the location will be announced by "blast" message ahead of the monthly dinner meeting about a month and a week in advance of the event.  Each person wishing to attend will then RSVP to Pete.  First responses get on the list.  A reminder may be in the "blast" that announces the next Drive and Dine. RSVPs close the 3rd Thursday so the Restaurant can plan for us.  Then you show up and enjoy your dinner.

The first event is open to the lucky first 24 people who RSVP to join us at the Red Dragon 61247 S Hwy 97.

March 17, 2016

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