Tech Session

Tech Session

Our "First Saturday" Porsches & Coffee will help cure what ails you. Porsche headlights through the years, H1's vs H4's vs sealed beam vs...
Not only will be discussing the differences of these headlights, we will also discuss how to improve their lighting output.  Headlights have come a long way and you can improve your night vision without making any mods to your Porsche.

As the eye ages the muscles that control the pupil weaken and don't open the pupil as wide as it did when it was young. You need double the light at 60 to see the same as when you where 18, ugh!  Better headlight become more important to us as we age. Better light, better vision.

We also will have Porsche lighting guru John Audette to display, demo and help answer your lighting questions.

Coffee and donuts


Mike Simmons Garage:

2434 SE 1st St.

Redmond (near airport)

December 31, 2019

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